George Traicheff, Artist

George L. Traicheff is a visual artist who has lived from Atlantic to Pacific coasts. As a child he spent endless hours in the wilderness tracking and studying wildlife with his grandfather. It was here that his love of nature developed. To this day he spends as much time as possible away from civilization, studying & enjoying the natural world. He prefers to work “en plein air” as much as possible and to use field sketches as well as his photography and observations to complete larger studio works.


George started drawing as an adult in the mid-seventies, although he had been photographing the natural world since his early teens, with the aspirations of one day being a wildlife photographer.). The art was only a pastime until he attended the international exhibition “ANIMALS IN ART” at the R.O.M. museum in Toronto. He was so in awe and impressed by the quality and feeling of the work on view, that this new found energy and emotion, along with artist Terry Shortt, inspired him to pursue becoming an artist. George studied oriental art with master, Tom Loo, which he continued along with Art Students’ League (N.Y.) studies. After this he continued studies at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal. Upon moving west, to Penticton British Columbia, he was fortunate to meet and be taken in under the tutelage of Clarence Tillenius and the late Robert Lougheed, who have both had a vast influence on George’s life and work. He also had the good fortune to have met & painted with other great artists, including John Clymer, every autumn during the late 70s and early 80s in Penticton, B.C.

George has given to others what these great artists have passed onto him, by teaching a wildlife art classes for eight years at the Okanagan Game Farm in Penticton B.C. Unfortunately the farm is now closed, however George has continued to teach drawing & painting , since 1990, at the Okanagan University College, and other workshops. He has been honored to have students attend his classes & workshops from as far as Japan, England, Mexico, Sweden, Zimbabwe as well as Canada and the U.S.A.

His works hang in private and corporate collections worldwide. He is honored to have works in the collections of U.A.E. Sheiks, Swedish and Mexican Embassies, movie stars, the collection of Prince Phillip & the White House.

Since 2007 George has turned more time to his printmaking, working on stone lithographs, dry points and etchings His original prints have won numerous awards internationally and are now being showcased at galleries & shows throughout North America. His life-long love of this medium and hard work developing his technique is now being fully appreciated by the public and art institutions. His award winning prints are sought after by serious art collectors. His paintings & prints are collected worldwide and have been published in a number of journals, magazines & books. His works can be found in collections in, Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, USA, Mexico, Barbados, Holland, Switzerland, U.A.E., Sweden, Norway, Japan and Lebanon.